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We have a wide variety of free weights and machines. We can accomodate all skill levels, beginner to expert.

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We have multiple treadmills as well as a Jacob's ladder and stairmaster for cardio needs.

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Tanning and massage

After your workout take a session in our hydro massager or lay in our tanning bed.

T-shirts and hoodies

Take a look at our Fitness Anytime shirts. Would make a great Christmas gift and help support the gym. T-shirts in army green with logo, three quarter length in baseball style with gym logo, and black hoodies are avaliable now. Ask front desk for sizing and prices.

t-shirts for sale

Don't forget your supplements

We sale water, bananas, energy drinks, protein shakes, protein powder, tanning lotion, and preworkout in tubs or single use containers. Check out our full product list to see all of our products for sale.

Supplements for sale

Fitness Anytime

Here at Fitness Anytime we aim for a healthy and safe environment free from judgement. A place where anyone anytime can come and work for a healthier future. So come and join us day or night, we're always open.

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